Aura Air – Smartest Medical Grade Air Purifier That Keeps You Save From Viruses

As the world is still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, quality of air has become an integral part in fighting the virus. With high number of cases, Malaysians with mild symptoms, are expected to be quarantined at home with most hospitals running on full capacity.

How do we keep ourself and our loved ones safe from the Airborne virus? Introducing Aura Air from United States, the latest technology in purifying the air. It is the first, all in one, Air Filtration, Disinfection and Monitoring product that has successfully completed clinical tests specifically related to its efficacy against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Aura Air sports a unique wall-mount design that cleans larger indoor areas up to 600 square feet in size. It uses a patented multi-stage ray filter that consists of a HEPA (MERV16 Rating) filter for capturing smaller particulates.

According Ministry Of Health, the air purifier HEPA filter rating should be MERV 14 and above. Aura Air comes with Patented Technology of Copper Fabric that eliminates viruses and bacteria, and a Carbon Layer that absorbs VOCs and odours. Combined with a UVC light and a Sterionizer layer that generates positive and negative ions, the purifier is 99.97% effective in disinfecting viruses, bacteria, mould and other impurities according to World Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research – Performance of Aura Air™ Purification System against Anti-Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV).

It’s easy to install and connects to your phone using a built-in Wi-Fi. The smart devise will tell you the overall indoor and outdoor Air Quality Index (AQI) based on things like volatile organic compound (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and fine particle matter levels.

 It also supports voice control and acts as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If you suffer from allergies or want to protect your home from airborne virus contamination, Aura Air is the perfect choice for a smart air filtration system.

It comes in white with gray cloth covering the sides, and is designed to be installed on a wall at least 20 inches from the floor or ceiling for maximum effect.

A small LED indicator on the bottom edge breathes white when the device is working properly, blinks red when smoke or a high concentration of CO and CO2 has been detected, and blinks blue during setup.

Aura Air Mini

Aura Air comes in two sizes. Aura Air and Aura Air Mini. The larger Aura Air features smart controls via Wi-Fi through the Aura Air App available on iOS and Android. Through the app, users can view air quality metrics, filter status, personalized recommendations, and set up the Aura Air with Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice controls.

Aura Air Mini on the other hand is perfect for work, ride share services, airplanes, trains, buses, subways and more. This travel-friendly companion arrives with its own carrying case. It’s pre-filter and Sterionizer technology produce a safe zone of 107 square feet around you – purifying, disinfecting, and cleaning the air you breathe – on-the-go.

Aura Air Mini comes with a rechargeable battery for portable use that lasts up to six hours per charge, and users can top it off via USB-C.

In uncertain times like this, Aura Air provides a safe environment to breathe by making sure to keep the air clean from viruses or bacteria. It is good to have it in closed environment like offices, healthcare centres, clinics, hospitals, restaurants, shops and at home.

Together with vaccination programs and other measures to limit viral spread, this device may allow for the reopening of economies by providing some measure of confidence that indoor air spaces are safe to resume normal activities.

For more information, visit or email [email protected] or call 60176660246 for more details on Aura Air.

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