MARii And PEKEMA To Set up 1000 EV Charging Stations Nationwide

Malaysia’s mobility electrification is looking to be on track with the recent announcement by Malaysian Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) together with PEKEMA AP vehicles importers towards the development of Electric Vehicle infrastructure in the country.

Through collaboration the parties have agreed to set up 1000 EV charging station (DC rapid chargers) around the country by 2025 and also to co-develop connective applications that include e-payment, charger locators, battery management systems and service centre networks for the charging ecosystem.

The development activities will be coordinated through an Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence that will be established through this partnership. The Center will address key enablers towards ensuring a harmonized and integrated charging ecosystem that caters to the demands of future e-mobility users.

The COE will also operate as a focal point for aftersales service support as well as implementing training, repairs, warranties, consultation, communication, marketing and co-ordination of strategic collaborations in electric vehicle related areas.

Madani explained that the center of excellence is an important platform for the EV ecosystem, particularly in sales, after sales and consumer experience of EVs – and will add a new dimension to the ecosystem of MARii facilities such as the MARii Design Centre, MARii Academy, MARii Simulation & Analysis Centre (MARSAC) and the National Emission Test Centre (NETC).

According to PEKEMA President Dato’ Zainuddin Abdul Rahman this year alone, 11 EV charging stations have been built with further commitment to develop after sales service centers, create new opportunities in high skilled jobs, and accelerate the adoption of green renewable energy.

MARii is tasked to develop and facilitate the local EV infrastructure in line with the Governments goal of less reliant on non-sustainable energy source by 2030. Major entities are also involved in the transition including Tenaga Nasional and Malaysian Green Technology Corporation.

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