Amplifying Digital Transformation For Malaysian Businesses

The Malaysian government has recently unveiled various initiatives designed to propel Malaysia into successful digital nationhood. These building blocks to drive digital transformation include Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA), the National 4IR Policy, and the establishment of Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) to oversee the unfoldment of Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL).

While these initiatives confirm Malaysia’s deep digital ambitions and impressive track record of formulating extensive frameworks for progress, the actual execution rate of most IT projects at the ground level generally often falls short some 70 percent of the time.

According to IDC, 55 percent of Malaysian organisations do not have an integrated enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy, and 91 percent of Malaysian enterprises are either at stage one (resister) or two (explorer), of IDC’s five (5) stage maturity curve.

IDC’s The Digital Transformation Blueprint: Software-Defined Enterprises in Asia Pacific report highlights that many of the challenges faced by Malaysian companies can be broadly slotted into two (2) categories: access and complexity.

The lack of access to skills poses a major challenge, especially talent steeped in what IDC terms as third and fourth platform technologies and technology delivery models.

“Implementing digital transformation requires multi-domain expertise spanning business and technology, which is hard for enterprises to acquire. Emphasis is often placed on processes and not outcomes,” the report stated.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Efforts

A dynamic platform of public-private collaboration is spurring and accelerating the building of Digital Malaysia.

The healthcare sector is pivoting to digital solutions to unlock the potential of digital healthcare. These efforts will embrace the enhanced patient experience, increase diagnostic accuracy, and improve patient care generally.

The public sector also wants to introduce changes at both policy-level and infrastructure levels through establishing a data- driven government, which can offer digitised citizen services, as well as upgrade network performance, and strengthened cloud and cybersecurity frameworks.

Preparing For Inevitable Threats

Increased digitalisation also exposes businesses to online threats. Cybersecurity remains an ongoing challenge to digital ecosystems, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as more people are working remotely.

A decentralised workforce poses fresh challenges to cybersecurity preparedness as remote desktop tools and Virtual Private Network (VPN) networks continue to be key targets for cybercriminals – adding to the complexity and difficulties faced by organisations trying to protect their data across remote endpoints.

To accentuate this approach, Malaysian enterprises must find a way to embed trust into how they do business to create a critical foundation to empower digital success.

Why TM ONE is the Ideal Partner

To facilitate and accelerate digital adoption, TM ONE, the enterprise and public sector arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), is an established leader in effectively providing the necessary digital foundation for transformation across the spectrum – from digital connectivity to digital infrastructure and digital services – by leveraging on enterprise innovations, robotics, and automation as well as IoT.

It has innovated its offerings aligned to four (4) technology pillars that have been proven to strengthen digital transformation – Cloud services, cybersecurity, smart services, and professional services. TM ONE Cloud α is empowering enterprise with a powerful, comprehensive, customised, end-to-end array of cloud solutions that deliver agility, innovation, and growth. Complemented by the TM ONE cybersecurity solution, known as Cyber Defence Centre (CYDEC), TM ONE offers premier continuous, real-time, and predictive protection – spanning private and public networks, data, identity, and devices and infrastructure—to effectively and rapidly mitigate attacks on brand and reputation, online fraud, and mobile channels.

To ease and accelerate your transformation journey, TM ONE Professional services helps leaders create vision and roadmaps, enabling predictable, business-aligned digital transformation.

Download the complete Digital Malaysia 2030 Special Edition here.

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