Assuring Consistent And Quality Digital Experience Nationwide – Part 1

Connectivity has always played an important role in every Malaysian’s life, and as the years go by, it has only become a necessity from buying food online to ordering the next batch of groceries via an app.

To keep up with growing demands and changing times, telecommunication players have also evolved and adapted along the way. With all 3G networks in Malaysia shutting down by end December 2021, Celcom Axiata Berhad for instance is well on its way to extending the 4G network to provide wider coverage and improved performance.

The telco is continuing its momentum in accelerating its network investments to further enhance and optimise Network and Service Experience throughout 2021. By committing capital expenditures of approximately RM1 billion for FY21, Celcom targets to increase network capacity, reduce network traffic congestion and improve 4G coverage nationwide.

The 3G network sunset will be implemented in three phases, and Celcom is in progress as per the plan. The telco is currently in Phase 2, whereby the 3G network will be gradually and carefully thinned, and finally shutdown by end of 2021.

Celcom will expand their 4G network to fill any coverage gap and further enable more users to enjoy 4G services such as Voice-Over LTE (VoLTE).

The telco is also in full support of the implementation of the nation’s digital aspiration, Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) and are doing their best towards ensuring that 4G network is available for all Malaysians in the country.

To learn more about Celcom, visit their website, LinkedIn, and Facebook page.

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