How To Shake-Up Your Career With This Initiative

The Shake-Up sessions conducted thus far has seen over 100 participants of varying backgrounds

PERSOLKELLY Malaysia launched a new initiative, “Shake-Up”, which is a series of knowledge and experience sharing sessions aimed at upskilling Malaysian professionals, completely free of charge. 

The programme was designed for all Malaysians, comprising relevant modules tailored for everyone ranging from jobseekers to decision-makers. Sessions empower participants to deepen their subject-matter expertise or gain more insight on their respective area of interest by engaging in discourse with fellow industry professionals during the Shake-Up session. 

The inaugural Shake-Up session, titled Business Communication: E-Mail Writing At Workplace, taught fresh graduates, executives and senior executives how emails can be a powerful workplace tool if deployed impactfully. 

Participants learnt how and when to determine whether e-mail is the best method for specific business communication, along with best practices for composing professional business e-mails and how proper e-mail etiquette contributes to a professional image for both employees and their organizations. 

The Shake-Up sessions conducted thus far has seen over 100 participants of varying backgrounds joining, clearly reflecting Malaysians’ desire to broaden their horizons and improve their professional skills.

Over the coming months, Shake-Up sessions will be conducted on a bi-weekly basis, covering a broad range of essential topics to enhance your knowledge in the workspace. For example, the Creating a Video Resume session will provide insights on building a professional video resume using available digital platforms, ideal for job seekers looking to apply for a job in the current digital era. This session will provide tips on how to stand out from the competition and develop trust with employers.

Another session in November will cover Effective Customer Service Training, designed to provide practical advice to customer service professionals or anyone working in the customer service industry looking to polish their customer communication skills. The session will examine how to effectively manage customer’s escalations, providing practical examples of how one can effectively convey empathy through words, phrases and service, whilst delivering high quality results for the company and customer alike.

Shake-Up sessions will be led by PERSOLKELLY speakers, who come equipped with decades worth of industry experience in HR management in a variety of industries and sectors. Experts from within the company as well as guests from other companies are invited to feature in select sessions, to provide a more diverse viewpoint that will allow participants to truly benefit from each session. 

“As we continue to grapple with Covid-19 and movement control restrictions, it is important that we focus on fostering local talent, to build resilience not just among the workforce, but among businesses too,” says Brian Sim, Country Head and Managing Director at PERSOLKELLY Malaysia.

He says today’s job landscape is extremely dynamic and competitive – more so than ever before. 

“As one of the region’s largest recruitment companies, we have built on decades of experience working with clients across numerous industries. 

“We appreciate our unique position and we would like to play our part in helping Malaysians in this critical time by sharing our knowledge and helping them and their organization perform better than ever before. 

“Through the Shake-Up Initiative, we aim to provide participants with the opportunity to learn practical and professional skills, using that knowledge to hone their own skills, thereby empowering them to take control of their own career development and business growth.”

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