Halal Eco-Pharma Secures RM3 Million Funding

Jardin Pharma, Malaysia’s first Halal eco-pharmaceutical company has secured RM 3 million in its first-round funding, between May to June, funds that it will channel into research and development (R&D) for new, high-quality supplements.

It is currently developing three new supplements, Vitamin C, immune booster, and oral eczema,  all of which are made with natural ingredients whilst adhering to strict Halal requirements to be introduced to the market by early 2022. 

“At Jardin Pharma, the innovative approach has allowed us to garner such rapid success in our first round of funding. We will use these funds to develop a new line of supplements that match the Halal and eco-friendly demands of the new generation of consumers,” says Dr Maryam, Founder and CEO of Jardin Pharma.

Jardin Pharma says it is already in the midst of its second round of fundraising and is looking to raise a total of RM 5 million (RM 2 million raised so far) in two months to bulk up R&D efforts. 

“With Jardin Pharma, we wanted to build a homegrown company that can not only meet the nutritional needs of Malaysians but also provide new innovative methodologies and principles that can solidify Malaysia’s position within the industry at a global level,” adds Dr Maryam.

Founded in 2016, Jardin Pharma is the first Halal eco-pharmaceutical company in Malaysia.

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