Zegna Sets Out To Reset Its Fall/Winter 2021 Campaign

What does it mean to be a man today? Redesigning the contemporary wardrobe for the new world, Zegna sees an opportunity to reset the vernacular beliefs of What Makes a Man.

For Fall/Winter 2021, the notion comes to life through a far-sighted collection created by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori to redefine the sartorial codes of the modern man.

Humans evolve through our ability to move forward with a new mindset without forgetting what came before. Mirroring the relentless progress of our times, this season the #WHATMAKESAMAN campaign reflects the changes in the habits of modern men as well as their clothing.

Heralding a new era in style and identity, Sartori’s clothing innovations are a direct response to how men live now, in this new reality where we live, work and lounge all in one place.

This is the result of the innovation of our progressive craft, as the boundaries between private and public life are blurred.

Inspired by changing lifestyles and reorganized priorities, Zegna continues to transform the very idea of luxury to envision an effortlessly wearable category of clothing.

New definition of style is defined by a move away from utter formality but not from our thoughtful sartorial approach, creating new hybrid garments as part of what we call Luxury Leisurewear.

We refocus our fabric expertise on a new generation of jersey knitting techniques and soft fabrics that blend lavish comfort with the precise and refined tailoring our brand is known for to redefine what luxury menswear looks like for everyday life.

The (RESET) What Makes a Man Fall|Winter 2021 campaign reveals a paradigm shift in the way of style and sophistication, as Zegna weave a new versatile wardrobe into the fabric of their DNA, to become a fundamental part of their design philosophy moving forward.

While Zegna has been pushing the boundaries of men’s tailoring for more than 110 years, today Zegna reconstruct clothing for greater comfort, while holding the position at the forefront of sartorial precision.

Evolving alongside their customers, the Zegna Fall|Winter 2021 campaign features diverse Modern Voices – five inspiring members of our global community including two models, a dancer, a fashion buyer and a photographer. All of them challenge us to rethink our preconceived ideas, to reconsider the boundaries of modern masculinity and reaffirm the values that are truly important today.

“The way that modern men dress, their needs and habits have been changing considerably over the past year. Customers are looking for a different style as they turn to more fluid silhouettes and multifunctional yet comfortable outfits. Therefore, clothes have to transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor to reflect the way we behave and feel,” says Artistic

Alessandro Sartori’s restyled outfits demonstrate how ideas of sophistication have fundamentally changed, as distinctions between home, work and leisure continue to disappear, creating the need for new wardrobe icons to reflect evolving attitudes and behaviours.

Melding the sartorial with the utilitarian, the Zegna Fall|Winter 2021 campaign introduces The New Jacket, including our iconic overshirt, which becomes a must-have alternative to the blazer.

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