Get This MDEC Subsidised Program Before Quota Runs Out

MDEC and KUMOTEN are working together to help more Malaysians to start generating income from ecommerce.

This Fast Track Power Up Plan is 97% subsidised by MDEC and KUMOTEN under the Malaysian Goverment Belanjawan 2021 initiative. The original total package is valued at RM1314, however, KUMOTEN is subsidizing this service at a mind-blowing discount of RM 1215- which wil cost on RM99, at promo price for a limited time only.

KUMOTEN is a fully Malaysian brand name created by OGN Online Sdn Bhd. It was created with a mission to help Malaysians earn profit from ecommerce easily and with as minimum risk as possible.

It is providing this fast track service for those with no online store experience to create and develop their online shops and merchant platform with value added services that will help new sellers generate more sales from Lazada and Shopee.

For those who are new to dropshipping in Lazada and Shopee, this will be an even better deal because KUMOTEN will help setup Lazada and Shopee online stores complete with integration.

The platform will furnish new online stores with store decorations, completely uploaded with hundreds of products via an AutoSync function, product descriptions, product images with frame design and so much more exciting elements to help new online sellers create a ready-made ready-to-sell online store.

They will also help setup free shipping promotions, promotion vouchers and flexicombo setup, Shopee AutoBoost, chat auto reply setting, and many more.

Once your online store creation is completed and handover is done, new sellers can just “walk in” and start selling on Lazada and Shopee easily. You will also get free training courses online to learn more about online sales and how online stores work.

If you have products to sell, or don’t have products to sell, this promotion will benefit you and give you a head-start in raising your game in e-commerce. Click on this link for more information to fast track yourself with support from MDEC and Kumoten at

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