Green Packet And FETCi To Test Out Malaysia’s First Multi Lane Free Flow Toll System

Green Packet Bhd and FETC International Co will run testing out the countrys first ever Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) tolling system Proof of Concept (POC) on local highways. Similar to ones in Singapore, the MLFF POC is scheduled to be in installed at Besraya KM5.5 (North Bound) and will start collecting data for three months starting early 2022.

IF the system is adopted for all highways, we could probably see the change in traffic especially the process to achieving a congestion-free highway. In fact this aspect for a better traffic infrastructure, was stipulated in the Ministry of Works’ Malaysian Intelligent Transport System (ITS) blueprint. Green Packet will be providing the funding, local insights and expertise in fintech payments while FETCi an RFID and Free-Flow Tolling expert having implemented several MLFF systems in other Asian countries and will provide the front-end equipment and expertise in MLFF implementation.

The data collected from the POC during the three-month period will be shared with relevant authorities and stakeholders, with the primary aim to prove and validate the feasibility of using MLFF. The data and insights are valuable for eventual roll out to Malaysian highways in line with the government’s roadmap for smoother traffic.

According to Dr. Yongchang Chang, Managing Director of FETCi, the Multi Lane Free Flow tolling systems has been proven to dramatically improve traffic flow. The system has seen resounding success in several other Asian countries, such as Singapore.

The Multi Lane Free Flow system is an ultra-efficient and time-saving tolling system. The system is envisioned to use a cloud tolling system with no toll lanes or gates and will be able to process far more vehicles per hour compared with existing toll systems. Apart from that, it will also be able to reduce fraud by getting rid of the gaps that the present solutions are not able to address and are often exploited by many traffic users.

Pn Wan Salwani Wan Yusoff, Besraya Chief Operating Officer hails the new tolling system a defining factor that will set the nation’s traffic efficiency apart and looks forward to having one officially installed.

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