Bank Islam And Matrade Offer Multitude Of Facilities For SME’s Going Global

Both Bank Islam and Matrade will join forces to assist SME’s under their database to gain greater opportunity for export financing package and other facilities provided by them in order for the sector to expand globally.

In order to smoothen the process for SME’s Bank Islam will also introduce the SMEXpert Ecosystem platform to assist SMEs in embarking on export initiatives, sustaining their competitiveness in the digital transformation journey, and providing total financing solutions to SMEs and Mid-Tier companies for the global market.

Hailing the partnership as an important milestone, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz of Matrade said this will further accelerate the internationalisation of SMEs and exporters.

Bank Islam Chief Executive Officer Mohd Muazzam Mohamed added that the bank will provide a digital platform for SMEs via our mobile application called SMEXpert. The newly-launched app, will provide a digital marketing platform to promote SMEs’ products and services of various sectors, whether as a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) platform. SMEXpert will support the SMEs’ business ecosystem and financial resources. 

He continued “Bank Islam is also committed to support the development and expansion of new markets for exporters through financial products, stakeholder engagements and business matching opportunities. We will continue to provide a comprehensive Islamic-compliant financial solutions and trade financing advisory for MATRADE members in solidifying their business and presence in the market.”

This collaboration between the both will also support SMEs and Mid-Tier companies to remain competitive in the fast-changing market, including their digital transformation journey. Many Malaysian companies, especially SMEs, are adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and international businesses are no exception. With a tight cash flow, exporters struggle to revive their export activities and maintain their export market overseas. Understanding the needs of exporters, Matrade and Bank Islam believe the MoU signed is well-timed to continue reinforcing and assisting Malaysian exporters.

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