Top Glove Removed From US Customs Banned List

This must be best news for Top Glove this year, its not that US market is critical for the company but getting approval to resume export into a country that banned rubber gloves for medical use on the count of poor labour working conditions, is a serious affair.

The US Customs and Border Control had prevented Top Glove orders entering the market after the company was put on the alert list for issues regarding the way managed its workers, stated as being close to slave like conditions. However, the worlds number one rubber glove maker refuted the claims and invited humanitarian personals to visit the hostels and factory floor to prove otherwise.

After months of compliance, Top Glove Corporation is now off the list and can now resume exporting and selling gloves to the States, following modification of the Finding by US Customs and Border

According to a statement issued, CBP affirmed that disposable gloves made by Top Glove in Malaysia would be admissible at all U.S. ports of entry. This has been a lesson for all companies in the country that are doing business on global scale as the matter of ESG, Environment Social and Governance is high on the observation list of most developed nations.

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