Magic Offers Mental Well-Being Programmes For Start-Ups

During these troubled times, the challenges faces by businesses are beyond comprehension the impact for young startups could be even more drastic. As fledglings, not only they have to strive to keep their company afloat and their spirits high, they will will also be faced with operational, financial and more seriously mental issues.

In efforts to assist this group of Malaysian and global startups, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) has launched MaGICARE – an initiatives that could assist this community to cope.

The MaGICARE kit provides startups with resources – in areas of business, finance and personal well-being. Among the offers include, a 50 percent subsidy for one-on-one counselling sessions for 10 persons per month, for 3 months until the end of October. This includes deep support through professional counselling or therapy; convenient and confidential remote therapy sessions, offered by Naluri. Additionally, it offers startups to access a 24/7 careline through the Naluri Community Programme – with unlimited calls, manned by a team of clinical psychologists and registered counsellors. Startups can also access webinars and emotional well-being assessments conducted by a clinical psychologist on topics of mental and physical well-being under this package.

“Startups navigating through the pandemic are being loaded with multiple issues – while trying to keep their business afloat and having to grapple with declining mental health and well-being, which could further exacerbate financial difficulty and lead to huge productivity losses said Amiruddin Abdul Shukor, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Magic.

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine stated that following treatment for depression, more than 80 percent of employees saw improved work performance and higher job satisfaction. There is a directory of financial aid, grant and funding programmes and relief assistance resources available on the MaGICARE site. Startups can also tap on a variety of capacity building programmes and e-learning resources including online bootcamps, startup essentials, internship and the Startup Campus which are now accessible for free or at a subsidised rate.

Startups are encouraged to choose from the full spread of support services offered via MaGICARE or contact [email protected] for further information.

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