3.6 Million To Receive RM100-RM2300 Under BPR Phase 3

Those who did not receive the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) payment and successfully made their appeals will be pleased to know that their monies will be credited into their bank accounts from 28 September as announced by the Prime Minister recently. 

The Phase 3 payment will be for those already in the system and for those who successfully appealed, in all a total of 3.6 million will benefit from this exercise involving an allocation of RM2.82 billion. With this a total of RM9.6 billion has been allocated which is expected to benefit 8.5 million Malaysians for this year alone. 

Apart from the payment, the Government has also other cash assistance available among them are the Bantuan Khas COVID-19 (BKC) and Bantuan Kehilangan Pendapatan (BKP) which will be channeled to those who are eligible in October to December 2021. All financial assistance provided by the Government including BPR totaled to RM17.1billion and is expected to benefit over 10 million Malaysians. 

For BPR Phase 3, each recipient will receive up to RM1,400 while the recipient of the appeal will receive up to RM2,300 since they missed their earlier rounds, this will also depend on their respective eligibility categories.

Existing recipient's totaling 3.4 million are eligible to receive anywhere between RM100-RM1400, while 200,000 household costing of senior citizens and bachelors who successfully appealed will receive between RM450 to RM2300. 

The payment will be the final distribution from the remaining allocation under BPR, the amount were budget based on eligibility and those who qualify. Aids were rolled out during the lockdown stages when the country was at its most vulnerable affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the payment was to ease the burden of those who were severely affected.    

As for long-term social protection strategy, the Ministry of Finance introduced PERKUKUH which explores measures to increase the coverage and adequacy of social protection to ensure that Malaysians have proper protection and the ability to improve their living standards. Aspects of the social safety net, especially for the vulnerable, will also continue to be focused on in Budget 2022. 

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