Euro 5 Diesel Network Supports Cleaner Fuel Options

PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd today says all diesel sold at PETRONAS stations are now Euro 5. The diesel, branded as PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive, comes in varying biodiesel blends of B7 from the blue nozzle, and B10 and B20 from the black nozzle at PETRONAS stations.

With the fuel’s availability at more than 1,000 PETRONAS stations nationwide, motorists can now easily access and enjoy the benefits of the Euro 5-compliant diesel, which contains 50 times less sulphur for a cleaner drive whilst its Pro-Drive formulation promises to deliver superior fuel economy and a smoother driving experience.

The three variants of biodiesel blends – with seven per cent, 10 per cent and 20 per cent of bio-based components – also ensure lower carbon emissions in support of the Government and PETRONAS’ sustainability agenda.

Head of PDB’s Retail Business Khalil Muri says, “We have established the largest and most accessible network for Euro 5 compliant types of diesel in Malaysia. Our three biodiesel blends of PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive ensure all drivers have access to cleaner fuel options that not only best complement their vehicles, but also produce a smaller carbon footprint.

“Beyond compliance with the Euro 5 standards mandated by the Government, our unique formulation delivers a more powerful drive to motorists for smoother and longer journeys on the road. This is part of PDB’s promise of making our customers’ everyday lives simpler and better,” he adds. 

The PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive promises to deliver three key benefits for diesel vehicles:

• Clean: Cleans and protects critical diesel engine parts to prolong engine life;

• Efficient: Improves combustion, optimises engine performance, and provides greater fuel economy; and

• Smooth: Facilitates easier start, less vibration, and smoother drive for a better journey.

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