Covid-19 Immunisation Program Will No Longer Be Under MOSTI

From November 1, the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force of CITF will no longer be under the Ministry of Science and Technology and will be instead handed over to the Health Ministry said Minister Dr Adham Baba.

This comes after the the Minister who was formerly with the Health Ministry took on the ministerial role at MOSTI exchanging positions with Khairy Jamaluddin who oversaw the national immunisation program as its Minister. With CITF now back managed by KJ, MOSTI will return on focusing in technology development including securing the country’s long term vaccine solution by producing its own.

The Health Ministry can on the other hand can refocus on its national health agenda holistically with all programs and efforts under its portfolio. There were questions previously on the reason behind a separation of tasks in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, whereby why was 2 ministries were overseeing the matter. But in hindsight, the strategy worked for Malaysia given the success rate resulting from a single ministry, unhinged from managing Covid cases, focused primarily on vaccination roll out, while the Health Ministry undertook the heavy load in managing patients, hospitalisation and containment.

The handing over of CITF back to team leader KJ, will give the Minister more autonomy in managing the post pandemic situation when 90% of adult population gets vaccinated. Targeted programs and booster shots will be top of the list for the country. Apart from the he will also need to seamlessly integrate the Immunisation program into the workings of MOH.

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