Maybank Launches Maybank2u Biz A Business Mobile App For SME’s

With banking disruption taking place during the pandemic, many banks quickly opted for online and mobile solutions to keep their customers connected with their financing activities. However after noticing that more complicated features was needed for customers especially for business owners, Maybank placed emphasis in making the mobile app for functional and launched the all new Maybank2u Biz.

Commenting on the new launch, Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Abdul Farid Alias “Running a business is very complex and it is even more challenging during these extraordinary circumstances. Hence, we have designed Maybank2u Biz to be more than just a banking application, but a business companion that will help ease SMEs’ burden and empower them to drive their businesses forward.”

Maybank2u Biz has a simple and intuitive interface where banking transactions can be performed from anywhere with mobile connection. The “Maker-Checker” authorisation process for transactions have also been simplified for efficient on-the-go approving without compromising on transparency. For example, Checkers can now approve up to 10 transactions at a time within an extended seven day approval period.

The new app also comes with an “invoicing” tool which allows business owners to create, issue and track invoices. Invoices can be customised using ready-to-use templates, and sent out to their customers via various communication channels such as email and chat messaging applications on their mobile devices. Once issued, these invoices can be tracked on the dashboard of the application, helping businesses stay on top of their receivables.

In addition to its functionality, SMEs can also easily access their in-depth financial information through the application. Datuk Farid said, “they can get a full view of their accounts in Maybank on the dashboard of the application, which allows them to make quick assessments of the business’ financial health at a glance. At the same time, they are also able to download a year’s worth of cash flow data in spreadsheet format (CSV) on-demand, without having to wait for the traditional month-end statements.”

The app is secured with Secure2u system keeping all data safe, a hallmark of Maybank. The Maybank2u Biz is available on both iOS and Android, existing Maybank business customers can just download the application and log in with their Maybank2u Biz ID and password to start using it immediately.

Non Maybank customers are able to conveniently open a Maybank business account online via Maybank2u, with only a single trip to the branch to activate the account.

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