Tropicana Seeks Possession Of St Joseph Institution After Failing To Collect Rentals

Tropicana Corporation under its education management arm which leases the building and land premise to St Joseph;s Institution International School Malaysia located within the Tropicana residential enclave, is seeking to reposes the said facility after failing to collect rentals from the lease.

Education Management Sdn Bhd being the lessor of the premise according to a statement has said that it has granted much indulgence on rental payments to support the School operator, Lasallian Asia Partnership for International Schools Pte Ltd. However, after years of continuous follow-ups, as well as countless notices and reminders, substantial amounts of rental continue to be in arrears with no indication from the operator on any payment plans. Currently, 9 months of rental are in arrears amounting to more than RM10 million

Lee Han Ming, Tropicana’s Group Chief Executive Officer shared the Group’s vision to build a strong and sustainable learning centre and hope that both parties could settle this amicably. “It is our long-standing commitment to building a quality neighbourhood where our community can live, learn, work, play and prosper. Unfortunately, after countless attempts and repeated reminders, Tropicana has stated that it is disappointed with how LAPIS had handled this matter and as a corporation, it has to take things seriously as it owes duties to its shareholders to collect rental investment income.

Tropicana has engaged its lawyers to reach out but claims to be not able to resolve the matter.

Established in August 2016 by Lasallian Asian Partnership for International Schools in partnership with Tropicana Corporation Berhad and with the blessings of the Brother Visitor and the Lasallian East Asia District council, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia is a brother school of the esteemed St. Joseph’s Institution and St. Joseph’s Institution International School in Singapore. The school has another branch in Kuching.

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