Covid 19 Test Kit Sufficient For State Border Reopening

The test kit shown here is for illustration purpose only. This is not the brand given.
The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs has assured the public that there are sufficient Covid-19 self-test kits in the market to meet when the demand starts increasing when the state borders are reopened and many would want test themselves before starting their journey.

Minister of Health had advised Malaysians to conduct Covid-19 tests before initiating to travel, this comes after the borders which have been closed for more than a year will be soon opened when the immunisation level hits 90%. The reopening is slated to take place within the next couple of days.

Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade, Datuk Rosol Wahid said there were currently six million Covid-19 self-test kits in the market with 28 companies licensed by the Ministry of Health as suppliers and distributors. "Indeed, we expect the demand for this test kit will continue to increase in line with the government's recommendation for the people to self-test Covid-19 before crossing the state to control the spread.'

No rush buying is necessary as the Ministry assures the number of suppliers is also expected to increase from time to time to meet market demand. Test kit prices are currently controlled by government, however there has been discussions to further revise the cost to make them more affordable for the lower group of people. 

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