The Role Of Digital Technology In Malaysia’s Economic Recovery

Geoff Soon, Managing Director, South Asia, Snowflake

By Geoff Soon

Digital technology plays a vital role in Malaysia’s economic recovery.

While the Budget 2022’s emphasis on enhancing digital and technological infrastructure, including the implementation of 5G, is great news, we hope that it will provide increased attention to upskilling and reskilling of the entire workforce, especially in the cybersecurity landscape due to the increasing sophistication of cyber threats we’re facing today.

As businesses continue their journey towards digital transformation to improve operational efficiency, the workforce needs substantial support to enable skills programs and training to yield progress and productivity.

The country also needs investments to strengthen its economy through a national program to protect and generate job opportunities.  

Additionally, resources should be allocated to enable small and medium enterprises to transform their business and adopt new technologies, including cloud, AI, data analytics, and more.

Grants to help reskill and retrain workers will be valuable as companies keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.

This will enable companies in Malaysia to rebuild the resilience of their business and help reinforce economic recovery while remaining competitive amid an uncertain economic environment.

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