US Allows All Vaccines Approved By WHO To Enter

In a change in stance, the US Centre of Disease Control has issued a statement saying that it will allow all those who have been vaccinated with vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation to enter its borders.

This comes after mid last the year the US Government made a somewhat discriminatory approach to its travelling restriction by allowing those with certain brands of vaccines which incidentally where US made to enter the country. In September the CDC issued a guideline for airlines and other mode of vessels that in November 33 countries including China, India, Brazil and most of Europe who are fully vaccinated will have the restriction lifted. However, this notice did not specify the type of vaccines.

The new Covid-19 vaccines will now apply to all foreign travelers flying into the United States including those who earlier not were subjected to prior restrictions. But before the boom gates are lifter, CDC will first need to come up with a proper and efficient contact tracing methodology to be submitted to the White House, other preparations include the considerations for children not yet vaccinated or eligible and for countries where vaccination levels are still low.

Whatever the new guideline by CCD, it will offer more avenue for those keen to travel to US for leisure, business or study, given that many countries will be developing their own vaccines in the future as the situation moves to endemic phase.

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