Breathe with Ease With Malaysia’s First Food-Grade Silicone Mask

Here comes Malaysia’s first food-grade silicone mask from AiruFlo, a reusable, modular face mask that provides users with superior protection, comfort, and breathability while reducing the threat of further pollution. 

“AiruFlo aims to educate Malaysians on more sustainable face mask options that are modular and will not add to the current environmental waste. ​​Made of biocompatible, FDA-approved food-grade silicone, AiruFlo is nontoxic and washable with soap and water to be reused safely,” says a media release.

“There are numerous face masks out there in the market with various specifications to fit the preferences of different groups of people, and we quickly realised that there is a need for a mask that does it all. Many are looking for masks that check multiple boxes – fashionable, highly breathable, sustainable and unharmful to the environment.”

“Unfortunately it can be challenging to find one that meets all expectations in the market and that is what our team of highly innovative industrial engineers have set out to address with AiruFlo. More than protection, the transparency of AiruFlo masks plays a crucial role in allowing users to properly communicate effectively using facial queues, particularly for those who have hearing difficulties or require speech therapy,” says Vince Koay, Co-founder of AiruFlo. 

For MC Leong, Co-founder of AiruFlo, with so many counterfeits and misleading marketing out there, many face masks do not actually meet the safety and quality standards.

“This is one of the issues in the industry that is not being addressed enough. Therefore, we wanted to change that by ensuring consumers with our transparency by making sure all customers can access every information they are curious to know about AiruFlo” he says. 

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