TNB Solar Panel Installation Will Help Langkawi Port Save Around RM5 Million

Tenaga Nasional Berhad via its wholly owned subsidiary, GSPARX has been tasked to install solar photovoltaic panels at the Dermaga Tanjung Lembung Complex in Langkawi for Langkawi Development Authority (LADA).

This latest project came through the strategic collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) as LADA had declared its aspiration to reduce carbon emissions in line with the island’s long-term greenhouse gas emission targets.

  1. GSPARX is expected to install a 363kWp solar PV system at the Dermaga Tanjung Lembung Complex. Depending on the agreement, the electricity bill savings achieved by Langkawi Port Sdn Bhd the operator of the complex after the installation would be between RM87,000 to RM244,000 in the first year, and between RM5 million to RM7.4 million over 25 years. Through the strategic collaboration with KeTSA, TNB has completed solar projects at two locations while installation progress at seven more locations involving government buildings, local councils and schools are underway, making the total clean energy generation of about 2.2MWp.
  2. Among the entities that have and will become prosumers through the collaboration are Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) (100kWp) in Penang, Subang Jaya City Council (100kWp) in Selangor, Nuclear Agency of Malaysia (460kWp) in Selangor and Tunku Kurshiah College (314 kWp) in Negeri Sembilan. To date, under the solar PV panels scheme, Net Energy Metering (NEM) and self-consumption or SELCO which have been implemented by the Government, 840 customers had inked
    agreements with GSPARX through Supply Agreement of Renewable Energy (SARE) and direct purchase to generate about 103MWp of green energy.

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