All-In-One Mobile Application for F&B Merchants Launched

Aliments are on a mission to digitise the business landscape for Food and Beverage (F&B) merchants. Forerunner in the digital food ordering and cashless transaction sector, the rising tech company has recently launched an all-in-one mobile application (app) for F&B brands to seamlessly integrate into the digital space and to conveniently carry out their business operations. 

Seamless Management of Online Orders

The Aliments Business app provides users with the opportunity to view all incoming online orders and sales data for each outlet via one integrated touchpoint.

Showcasing data categorised according to weekly, monthly and yearly charts, F&B merchants will be able to keep track of their outlet’s business performance conveniently, as all platforms have been integrated to a single POS – Point of Sale. 

Customisable Menu & Operation Hours

With food orders coming through multiple channels – dine-in and online, it can be difficult for merchants to cope, especially during peak hours. The Aliments Business app will enable users to customise their opening hours and hit pause for a period of time.

This will help streamline operations and ensure no singular outlet gets overwhelmed. We foresee over 100 F&B merchants utilising the Aliments Business app by the end of 2021,” said Kelvin Kwek, one of the co-founders of Aliments. 

Employee & Inventory Management 

Moreover, Aliments Business also provides F&B merchants with the capability to manage their employees as well as their inventory, all with just a click. With the new app, business owners can now manage their employees’ authorization levels as well as assign them to work at a particular outlet

Business Made Easy 

Kelvin further added, “There are many new aspects of the digital space that F&B merchants need to adapt to. It is essential that F&B brands are able to pivot to the digital space without paying a hefty cost. We want to ensure that our merchants are able to grow strongly, managing all their operations all from a single app.”

We plan to roll out more features in the near future such as financing options and additional marketing tools. This is purposed to help merchants scale much easier and gain more revenue,” said Lee Teng, COO of Aliments.

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