Government States Case For Change Of Official Vehicles

There has been some backlash from netizens on the need for the Government to change their official vehicles during these tough time. Currently the official vechicle for Federal Ministers are Proton Perdana 2.4 Premium model but this has been now exchanged to an MPV Toyota Vellfire 2.5L.

Due to the brouhaha the Ministry of Finance issued a statement on the matter, according to a posting on the official website the ministry highlighted that the monthly rental for the Proton Perdana was RM4,854.14 however as for the newly acquired Vellfire, the government will be paying RM4,851.61 an RM2.53 savings. It stated that there were multiple consideration for the replacement, apart from the Proton model being discontinued in 2014, the current units being used is actually already past its usage period of 4 years and with the vechicles now reaching 6 years. 

The proposed replacement of the Proton Perdana car to Vellfire was actually considered during the previous Government administration but was postponed and only implemented this year. 

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