Fixturegram’s Solution To Revolutionise Global Bulk-Shipping Industry

Kudrat Maritime marks inaugural launch as first-adopter, paving the way for industry digitization, in line with the government’s 12th Malaysia Plan to transform Malaysia’s logistics ecosystem for greater efficiency

Fixturegram, a technology startup founded and led by shipping professionals, has launched an industry-first, live streaming solution aimed at providing greater efficiency and accessibility for the entire bulk-shipping industry.

The patent-pending solution provides charterers, shipping agents and ship owners with game-changing features never before seen within the industry, allowing greater efficiency while minimizing redundancy and data error. 

“The shipping industry operates at a manual and labour-intensive manner. For example, current access to in-port status or activity updates are via emails, instant messages and even verbal updates.

“This puts the burden squarely on shipping professionals who are encumbered with manual data tracking across various ununiformed mediums of communication. As a result, data accuracy is affected and efficiency reduced, which can lead to loss of valuable time and resources.

“Fixturegram solves this age-old industry problem through innovative use of technology by automating port-call tasks, creating real-time analytics and improving data organization and efficiency, all via a single seamless solution,” says Fixturegram’s Malaysian Founder CEO Eric Lim. 

Lim says Fixturegram, with its fully integrated on-and-off site solution, will reimagine how in-port activity information is effectively relayed, especially during the current pandemic.

“Our digital solution offers a virtual work environment for the shipping community to collaborate and share real-time shipping information and documents, eradicating the need for on-site, manual data entry.” says Lim.

One such corporation that is reaping the benefits of Fixturegram’s industry-first solution is Kudrat Maritime (Kudrat).

With close to 40 years of experience in providing shipping and total logistic solutions worldwide, Kudrat is one of the pioneers within the shipping industry and are all too familiar with the pain points plaguing it. It is not by chance that Kudrat became Fixturegram’s first adopter, paving the way for much-needed reforms within the industry.

“Kudrat is Fixturegram’s first user, and since implementing their solution, we’ve seen consistent service levels at all of our branches with marked improvements in operational efficiency, especially in areas of data automation and time efficacy.

The ability to provide real-time shipping information to our customers provides a significant advantage in the ever-competitive shipping agency market. The improvements and benefits we see are then passed on to our customers as value-add, enabling our customers to analyse performances of their shipments more accurately, and support better decision making on future shipments,” Khalzani Saffian, Executive Director explains.

Kudrat’s implementation of Fixturegram’s total digital solution is in line with Malaysia’s government’s efforts to transform the local logistics ecosystem for greater efficiency, as outlined within the Twelfth Malaysia Plan recently.

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