WELLOUS Invites Jack Lim To Be Their Ambassador

Malaysian homegrown brand WELLOUS has invited Jack Lim to be the ambassador of their star product series, TIGROX. The initiative aims to build health awareness among Malaysians through sending warm reminders to ensure we always take care of our health despite living a hectic life. 

WELLOUS TIGROX series products are made from patented ingredients, and one of their market-leading products Tiger Milk King tiger milk mushroom botanical beverage is well-known for its capability in enhancing our lungs and respiratory functions. Other than the significant health benefits and refreshing taste, they are also promoting and introducing their national treasure to the world. As for IMUGLO, another product from TIGROX series which is made from elderberry, can help to enhance our immune system. Maintaining a strong immunity is very important to the dedicated urbanites today as it is a transparent protective shield that keeps you moving.

To ensure achieving the best outcome and creating a strong impact, WELLOUS has invested in producing a music video specially for this campaign. Reason being we often neglect the symptoms or signs of illnesses, therefore, they wish to spread health awareness through the song lyrics in an interesting way. TIGROX series is developed based on the needs of Malaysians from several health aspects. We at WELLOUS firmly believe that supplementing the right nutrients is the first and foremost step to stay healthy, and with a healthier body, we can continue to strive for higher achievement and success. 

Lastly, to celebrate their 5th anniversary, WELLOUS is also giving away attracting prizes worth more than RM500,000 including a luxury car to their loyal customers, for more information, kindly visit WELLOUS official Facebook page

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