EP Manufacturing Collaborates With MARii To Establish EV Assembly In Malaysia

EP Manufacturing which is primarily involved in automotive assembling has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute to collaborate and venture into establishing a completer ecosystem for EV deployment.

Under the proposal, both parties are looking to develop a production and localisation plan to assemble 2-wheel and 4-wheel EVs. This will include a Marketing infrastructure to sell these EVs in the local Malaysian market, together with a charging network to support them.

Commenting on the MoU, MARii CEO Dato’ Ts. Madani Sahari said: “The government has taken a proactive step in incentivising the use of EVs in its recent announcement in the Budget 2022. The activities to be implemented through this MoU contain important building blocks to complete the ecosystem of electromobility, which will chart the future use of electric vehicles.”

EPMB Executive Chairman Mr. Hamidon Bin Abdullah added: “The recent Budget 2022 announcement on the elimination of all taxes on EVs in Malaysia shows the Government’s seriousness to accelerate the EV uptake and development of EV infrastructures and ecosystems. There will be new norms, and these are opportunities for EPMB.”

He explained that EPMB’s new direction is a logical next step, as it already has the building blocks and infrastructure.

The group also recently added two new directors who will be instrumental in driving the new agenda, Mr. Derek Cheng Sheng, who has over 20 years of experience in financial services, investment and corporate management, is currently a Senior Adviser to Blackstone Group (HK) Limited. Meanwhile, Mr. Mac Ho Kok Wei is the Managing Director of ASEAN for HKFAEx Group Limited since 2020.

EMPB has also set up a satellite office in China to help source and identify opportunities for collaboration with EV players in China.

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