77 percent of Malaysian SMEs Stuck In Early Stages Of digitalisation

From left: Cassandra Seng (Business Group Lead, Microsoft), Hannah Oh (Business Development Manager, HP Inc), Praveen Prabhu (Director of Sales Partner Management, Kaseya), Yew Lip Sin (Group Chief Executive Officer, SRKK) were among the speakers leading the digital transformation discourse during TRANSFORM 2022

To address the noticeable gaps which businesses are currently facing in regards to digital transformation, especially in productivity and cybersecurity, the leading digital transformation platform, SRKK, partnered with Integricity Technology to host TRANSFORM 2022, the consultancy’s first-ever two-day virtual conference. 

Attended by more than 500 key medium to larger enterprises from Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, including HP, Microsoft, and Kaseya, TRANSFORM 2022 featured key digital transformation insights from industry experts and introduced more businesses to first-of-its-kind digital solutions to ensure future-forward, crisis-proof enterprises.

Challenges in Digital Growth

Despite the emerging need for a digitalised workforce, over 77% of SMEs in Malaysia still remain stagnant at the basic digitalisation stage. Last year, Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd also found that over half of the SMEs are not adequately equipped for the new norm of remote working due to challenges in infrastructure and systems. 

Apart from lacking quick and reliable access to online resources and information, this lack of productivity in the workplace resulting from infrastructure and systems shortage greatly hampers business progress and expansion. 

In addition to challenges in productivity, this new era of the digital workforce has also ushered in the need for advanced cybersecurity measures. Recently listed in the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), cybersecurity has emerged as a contributing factor to the nation’s slow growth in the digital economy, with 43% of data loss attributed to the lack of cybersecurity training for employees.

“Due to the COVID-19 crisis, organisations all around the world were forced to reconsider many aspects of managing both the workforce and workplace. With a global digital change underway, companies also need to evaluate the resulting risks and opportunities. Ultimately, we are aiming to play a bigger role in building an ecosystem to support the digitalisation of businesses and prepare the country towards economic recovery in 2022,” says Alex Lam, Chief Strategy Officer of SRKK. 

Tackling Productivity, Cybersecurity

To address the prevailing issues in digital transformation, TRANSFORM 2022 featured guest speakers from HP, Microsoft, and Kaseya, among others, who provided real-world case studies and innovative solutions in helping businesses transform digitally. 

“Our goal with TRANSFORM 2022 was to help business owners gain better insights into cybersecurity and productivity through crafted sessions with industry-leading experts as we realized that there is a gap in the market to allow business owners to have sufficient and precise information on digital transformation issues. SRKK ultimately aims to enable businesses and brand owners to reach their full business potential by leveraging on the insights from key industry speakers,” Alex adds.  

During the two-day virtual conference, the management of the workplace was identified as one of the stumbling blocks for productivity. Especially a challenge for multinational companies, maintaining remote workers’ motivation levels and productivity has been a hot topic since the pandemic. 

Through the usage of cutting-edge digital solutions catered to the modern workplace, business owners are able to monitor assets, automate common IT processes and auto-remediate incidents while swiftly resolving issues remotely. This adoption translates to a cost-effective and time-saving process, hence ensuring productivity in the workplace.

On the cybersecurity front, participants were given actionable intelligence on the latest security threats, compliance requirements, and timely solutions to mitigate underlying issues faced by organisations. These include the awareness and management of cyber threats, cybersecurity investment strategies, and the implementation of security validation solutions in facilitating fact-based risk management.

Alex says,In line with the road to economic recovery, the initiative of TRANSFORM 2022 will help entrepreneurs in managing economical and environmental sustainability through digital transformation. We provide innovative and informative digital solutions for our participants to further plan their business decisions for the year to come. The offers provided are personalized to business owners to ensure affordability to the participants without jeopardizing their business plans.”

To strengthen its efforts in helping businesses through their digital transformation roadmaps, SRKK has introduced its latest digital solutions and plans to expand its presence in Southeast Asia to champion the region’s burgeoning digital transformation scene. For more information on SRKK, kindly visit www.srkk.com. 

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