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realme GT Neo2 – Elevating Fans’ Experience; Winning 11.11

eSports have taken the world by storm. Gaming is no longer just a pastime that fills an hour or two, the youth is now presented with a choice to choose the field as a career of a choice. With the right training and device, you might just be the next million-dollar winner at the global stage. 

With devices evolving by the hour and brands committed to providing the best experience to their fans, what was once a trip to your nearest cybercafe to play a few rounds of Counter-Strike and Warcraft, now can be done from the comfort of your palm wherever you may be.

To further enhance the experience of gaming for their fans, realme has launched the GT Neo2. As part of their vision to become one of the world’s top smartphone distributors, realme is committed to produce products that represent youths globally. 

Having achieved Top 6 within the span of three years, realme is one of the fastest smartphone brands to reach 100 million shipments globally. 

This is in line with realme Malaysia’s vision as of this year, as the smartphone brand aims to build a concrete presence in the mid-range smartphone market, and venture into the Flagship Smartphone market. 

As for next year, realme’s aim is to become a mainstream player in the Flagship Smartphone market. 

The Ace Behind realme’s 11.11 Success 

With a mission to be fast-paced functioning and their dare to leap quality, realme’s team practices “practicalism” and moves in high efficiency and high focus. As they are also not afraid to adapt for the better, several realme GT model smartphones that have been introduced this year reflect practicalism as they have adapted to new technology and designs.

The smartphone brand’s success on 11.11 was mainly due to its offering within the reasonable pricing market, where its products exceed expectations with their features and specs but are also able to attract the youth market, thanks to its reasonable pricing. 

But the true element of success that has allowed realme that goes beyond their products and features is the brand’s dare to leap spirit. This enthusiasm and motto allows the company and the team behind it to constantly come up with new visions and materialise them into successful offerings. 

Equipped with their best offerings, the GT Neo2 was sold out in 2 hours on Shopee 11.11 sales, making them the Top 1 Best-selling smartphone (Price range: RM1,500 – 2,000) on Shopee 11.11 Sale, and also the Top 2 Best-selling smartphone brand on Shopee 11.11 Sale for the Mobile and Tablet Category.

realme GT Neo2 is also the No.1 Best Selling Smartphone Launched (Price range above RM2,000) on Lazada 11.11 Sale. It is clear that when it comes to smartphones in their flagship affordable market segment, realme has consistently led the way. 

The GT Neo2 is the first device equipped with Diamond Thermal Gel as a layer of heat dissipation alongside eight layers of the cooling system for a faster cooling effect. 

The model also has been designed with its younger audience in mind, as it showcases a bold and young design which can be seen on its NEO Green. Additionally, it also features the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G processor and 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display giving users flagship performance and display to enhance their gaming experience. 

After the success of its GT Neo2, realme is targeting to bring more flagship phones to Malaysians in the future, focusing on quality and accessible pricing. 

Valuing User feedback 

realme’s success with their flagship products was made possible because the smartphone brand has considered users’ feedback on previous experiences with products and utilised them to focus on growth. 

With quality and design being one of their top priorities, realme also sees the value of the phone among concerning issues by their consumers. Furthermore, demand in affordability has also increased along with demand for functionality, specs, quality, and design. 

Therefore, realme GT Neo2 indeed is what the fans wished for, as it is equipped with an extensive cooling system, with top materials of the cooling system in the industry, and the bonus feature would be the bold design of NEO Green that catches the attention of youths. 

realme as a young brand stepping into the 4th year in their adventure, the achievements today will motivate the team to strive for better and push further into the future, bringing leapfrog devices to the youths around the world.

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