Health Tech Startup CLEA, Launches Virtual COVID-19 App

CLEA, a homegrown medical technology start-up, today enters the market to introduce Malaysia’s first virtual COVID-19 screening app. 

It aims to create an ecosystem where individuals, businesses, and medical professionals can work together in ensuring maximum protection from the pandemic, or any highly transmissible illness. 

We created CLEA to address multiple gaps that have arisen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. On-site mass screenings, though encouraged to accurately diagnose new cases, can further expose the public unnecessarily to the virus. 

“Alongside our trusted medical partners, we aim to introduce a new culture of convenience to the community, whilst also ensuring that Malaysians feel protected wherever they go.

“Thus ensuring that our community is always medically prepared and protected against any potential outbreaks in future,” Dr Chan Hai Feng, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CLEA says.

CLEA automates and streamlines COVID-19 screening while seamlessly ensuring that the results are verified by medically qualified doctors.

In addition to authenticity, the CLEA platform is also an affordable method of screening as it does not require users to schedule in-person consultations. 

By saving users and medical personnel from having unnecessary physical contact, CLEA reduces the risk of infection while reducing the time taken for a successful COVID-19 screening. 

Through an in-app recording feature, users can submit their test to CLEA’s medical partners – licensed, experienced doctors equipped with a verification panel that virtually verifies the user’s identity and results within 24 hours. 

On its mission to safeguard public health, CLEA has gone the extra mile to partner with Gmate, a COVID-19 rapid self-test kit brand approved by Medical Device Authority (MDA). 

Furthermore, the platform will allow companies to pre-plan their workforce needs with data from the management portal, thus reducing unnecessary disruptions in workplace operations due to an outbreak.

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