Bank Negara Restores CCRIS Access To CTOS

Due to worry of data leaks, Bank Negara had taken precautionary action to restrict access to customer data in CCRIS, leaving firms like CTOS unable to provide their full services to their clients. However, this is no longer the case, as the Central Bank has restored all access.

CTOS has confirmed that its wholly-owned subsidiary CTOS Data Systems(CDS) received confirmation from Bank Negara Malaysia that CDS’ access to the Central Credit Reference Information System (“CCRIS”) has been restored effective 17 November 2021.

The group had also concluded a comprehensive and detailed review of CCRIS-related data assets and infrastructure with independent global cybersecurity experts as required by BNM.

CTOS assures that as a responsible credit reporting agency, it has and will continue to make significant investments to ensure all data and information in possession is protected with world-class certified data security technology. Notably, CTOS’ IT and data security framework, policies, procedures, and systems shall continue to be benchmarked against ISO27001, as well as other global standards.

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