Petronas Lubricants Launches Advanced Range Of EV Fluids

PETRONAS Lubricants International Sdn. Bhd. (PLI) achieved a new milestone in fluid technology innovation with the launch of the next generation, PETRONAS iona Electric Vehicle (EV) Fluids solutions at its Global Research & Technology Centre in Turin, Italy.

The launch theme, Accelerating Efficiency, Revolutionising e-mobility is an ongoing journey towards the latest technologies and trends in the e-mobility space, says the company in a media release.

Meanwhile, PLI’s Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Giuseppe D’Arrigo, says the company believes that e-mobility is expanding at a rapid pace.

“With this rapid growth, innovative solutions are key to accelerate the move towards e-mobility for a more sustainable future,” says PLI’s Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Giuseppe D’Arrigo.

First launched in 2019, PETRONAS iona aims to help accelerate the world towards a zero-carbon future by optimising the energy efficiency, safety and performance of electric vehicles with advanced EV fluid solutions. Since then, developments were made to pace with the changes in EV technology. 

The second generation of PETRONAS iona is designed to meet the multiple requirements in the Electric Drive Unit and E-axles including friction and wear control as well as thermal management to maximise the performance, energy efficiency and reliability of high-performance electric vehicles.

This move is in line with PLI’s commitment towards sustainability that was announced in 2018, whereby 75% of its Research and Technology investments would be directed at reducing emissions, towards supporting the larger goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Leading Innovation in E-Fluids SectorOriginal Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers and developers are looking for thought leaders and expert partners that can deliver the kind of revolutionary thinking, helping them stay one step ahead of rapidly emerging technologies and the competition and accelerate the uptake of safe, energy-efficient, high-performance electric vehicles.

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