MOH High Risk Covid-19 Alert System To Be Announced Soon

The Ministry of Health is said to be working on a heightened alert system that will detect early signs of Covid-19 case increase and introduce tightening measures to curb spreads.

Once the system is put in place, MOH will propose some sectors to be placed on the watch list with tighter restrictions if there were an increase in cases. However, the Ministry highlighted that there will no lockdowns.

Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin stated that the system is in development and that he will be making the announcements in a week to so.

Malaysia has been able to keep the disease at bay with 95% of its population vaccinated but as seen in other parts of the world, new variants and waning vaccines are giving rise in new cases. One of the approaches for the country if for booster shots which are currently being administered and the other is constant vigilance.

The Alert System aims to do the latter if the sectors do not want to see any tough actions taken they must continue to comply with the SOP’s and take immediate action if cases are detected in their facilities.

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