NanoMalaysia Energy Storage Technology Initiative Programme Launched

  • After five years, the long-awaited launch of the NanoMalaysia Energy Storage Technology Initiative (NESTI) Programme was launched today, says NanoMalaysia’s CEO Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad.
  • “It took us more than five long years through the previous 11th Malaysia Plan to develop the basic components of energy storage technology with industry and university partners to get here. We have finally arrived.
  • “All our efforts in energy storage technologies are now being deployed in various commercial projects and industrial off-takes for mobility, stationary and portable applications, and we could not be prouder of our achievements and how far we have come,” he says at the launch ceremony.
  • With the launch of NESTI, NanoMalaysia Berhad (NMB) is positioning itself to lead the nation in the development and commercialisation of energy storage systems crucial for electric mobility, excess grid, renewable energy, uninterrupted power supply for commercial and domestic buildings uses, as well as portable applications for micro businesses including batteries, ultracapacitors, hydrogen storage, energy management systems and battery recycling.
  • “As the world embraces the urgent need to harvest and store renewable energy, the NESTI programme could not come at a better time.
  • “NanoMalaysia aims to steer the country to transition into a nation producing high technology energy storage components and systems for the aforementioned applications for both domestic consumption and export markets. This is where nanotechnology plays a critical role in providing the performance, reliability, and overall efficiency boost,” he says.
  • He adds that Malaysia should view itself as pioneers in reducing the world’s carbon footprint via high value energy-related solutions and products.
  • NESTI will also open doors in the acceptance of EV technology and position Malaysia as a renowned exporter of EV components in the ASEAN region.

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