“We Have Lots Of flights”, Air Asia Xpress

AirAsia Xpress has a lot of flights that are faster than drones says Amanda Woo, CEO of air asia super app who spoke to Business Today at the launch of the Air Asia Xpress today when asked whether the delivery service provider might consider using drones for deliveries.

Amanda says, “We have lots of flights, I think that way is faster.”

Rival logistics delivery services are planning to explore drones in the area of Klang Valley for faster and efficient parcel delivery. 

Business Today wanted to know, since Air Asia also started delivery services, whether they will explore the use of drones as a deliveries alternative?

According to CEO of Teleport Pete Chaereonwongsak, the logistic arm cannot penetrate the drone delivery services business because such a service is not permitted in Malaysia.

“We have been proposing for the idea to the government but it couldn’t be done since our services offer door-to-door delivery and in Malaysia, drone delivery direct to front door delivery is not allowed,” he says to Business Today.

Air Asia Super App closes this year loop with the launching of Air Asia Xpress yesterday, complementing the launch of AirAsia Ride and Air Asia Grocer which has also been launched this year.

Air Asia Xpress is an online service that will ensure fast, easy and affordable parcel delivery for consumers.

AirAsia Xpress is powered by Teleport, the logistics arm of AirAsia.

It is also learned that Air Asia Express will expand their delivery area gradually starting with Klang Valley with domestic delivery but the ultimate goal is to go international, says Pete Chaereonwongsak.

For a start, AirAsia Xpress will cover selected cities within Klang Valley and six other key cities nationwide, namely Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, Penang, Ipoh, and Kota Kinabalu. Intercity, inter-state and international deliveries in other key cities will follow soon.

Millions of AirAsia Super App users may choose between instant delivery (under an hour) and same-day delivery (within 4-6 hours) utilizing motorbikes and cars.

According to Pete, for starters, they will deliver for two to six hours, in hope that in future with more relaxation of pandemic restriction the transportation services can be done for 24 hours delivery.

“The goals will be in delivery 24 hours from door to door. Instant, 1 hour or 24 hours whether its two cities or two countries. As an example, if you want to deliver a parcel from here (Klang Valley) to Pattaya (Thailand), within 24 hours the parcel will be delivered in front of the door,” he says.

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