Elevating The Customer Experience For Businesses Nationwide

Change happens fast and it takes place constantly. It is among the few key lessons many businesses hold close to their practice. With change comes adapting, and without adapting fast, you lose out in a race that is run by many.

For Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s Chief Retail Officer, Datuk Ir Megat Jalaluddin Megat Hassan, evolving is a necessity and not a choice. The former Chief Strategic Officer, who played a key role in launching a company-wide business transformation initiative in 2016, says evolving allowed TNB to stay relevant.

The transformation exercise carried out to achieve the company’s vision as the leading provider of sustainable energy also includes being a great partner to commercial and industrial players nationwide.

“Once we identified our target customers from large business to SMEs, from micro businesses to residential customers, we started exploring the means to evolve in becoming a more customer-centric organisation that provides excellent experience to our customers across the board,” he says.

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Digitalisation

Following the launch of its transformative plan, TNB has achieved several milestones throughout the years. However, in facing the pandemic, the company went beyond just introducing measures to tackle challenges it faced during the early months.

The company acknowledged the digital wave that was sweeping the country rapidly and quickly highlighted the need for itself to develop a more agile digital infrastructure.

Megat also shares that in response to tackling the rising pandemic cases at the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), TNB had adapted to working remotely and at the same time, pivoted to become more technology-dependent in securing and managing customers.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Personalised engagements across digital platforms have become a staple for TNB under the new norm during the pandemic. When it comes to serving commercial and industrial sectors as well as government agencies, these online interactions have been pivotal in developing customised package energy solutions to address their changing needs.

To better serve these key business sectors, TNB has established a dedicated team of account managers in line with its transformation objective to evolve from a functional specialisation organisation to a more customer & solution-focused entity.

Corporations looking to meet their sustainability goals can expect personalised packages from TNB’s Beyond Energy solutions such as rooftop solar, energy management systems, Renewable Energy Certificates or EV charging platforms, for instance.

For residential, commercial and industrial customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint in electricity consumption, they can subscribe to a new government initiative, Green Electricity Tariff (GET) via myTNB portal effective 1 Dec 2021. GET subscribers would enjoy low carbon electricity supply at RM0.037/kWh in addition to the standard applicable tariff on the Tariff Schedule for their monthly energy consumption, starting from 1 Jan 2022.

GET subscribers would receive Malaysia Renewable Energy Certificate (mREC) certified by internationally accredited REC registries, managed by TNBX Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TNB.

Apart from GET, companies with aggressive sustainable goals can opt for outright REC purchase via the transparent trading platform, mGATS (Malaysian Green Attribute Tracking System), managed by TNBX, to help offset their carbon footprint.

Offering Greater Convenience

On an individual level, residential customers are enjoying more enhancements on the myTNB app and portal that adds greater convenience to self-empowerment. They are further empowered to add accounts of their loved ones or other properties to manage their tenants as well as book appointments online for any in-store transactions via TNBtemujanji.

Customers with a Smart Meter installed at their premises are able to track their daily energy consumption via the myTNB app.

To date, myTNB’s subscriber base has reached 5.3 million users and there are plans underway to support corporate businesses on the app. More customer-empowering features linked to the Smart Meter are in the pipeline to enhance customer experience for the better.

Investing In The Future

To better serve their business customers, Megat believes the best experience has to be regardless of the size of the business. Ensuring their services are met with the highest standards, TNB is investing in their workforce.

Training modules are developed through co-creation with employees and by having them involved from the start, allows TNB to foster a sense of ownership amongst employees.

“This made our Retail Transformation journey a collaborative one and for that, we have our employees to thank for,” Megat tells Business Today.

According to Megat, the formation of the Retail Academy offers a mix of formal and experiential learning through exercises and projects to build employees’ skillsets. This includes skills for roles such as service designers, product owners, data scientists and front-line workers, with a strong focus on enhancing the customer experience journey.

Additionally, to elevate the customer experience, TNB established the Customer Advocacy Group that provides invaluable feedback and insights to support their innovation efforts. Megat has also highlighted that the company is committed to promote an innovative mindset amongst their employees.

TNB aims to achieve their EBIT target of RM0.7 billion by the end of 2025 with a main focus of their initiatives investing in enhancing customer experience through improved journeys for service, interaction and communication channels.

With more corporations and government agencies embracing their respective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, TNB is ready to step up in helping them achieve theirs. After all, TNB has its own Sustainability Pathway aspiration and that is to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions and be coal-free by 2050.

“I believe we should always look from the customer’s lens as a foundation to manage a successful customer-centric business,” he concludes.

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