MOSTI’s AV Technologies Support Innovation And Adoption Of 4IR

Developing Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles or driverless vehicles in Malaysia is an initiative under MOSTI through the agency NanoMalaysia Bhd (NMB) in preparation for developing technology related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

YB Dato Sri Dr Adham Baba, Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) today launched the NanoMalaysia Autonomous Vehicle (NAVi) Initiative and officiated the NanoMalaysia Autonomous Delivery Robot (NAVi Delivery or NAVi-D) demonstration.

Adham says “The COVID-19 pandemic has urged the world to move into the era of digitization. Hence, there is a high demand to reduce touch in interacting. This development is in line with the High Tech, Low Touch initiative led by MOSTI.

“One of the spillover effects of this industrial development is the increased demand for technology-related jobs such as software and hardware developers other than mechatronic engineers needed to build NAVi in line with the aspirations of the 10-10 MySTIE framework to develop high-value human capital.

NAVi focuses on the transportation sector while NAVi-D will be equipped with a system that meets the needs of the end-to-end transmission sector. NAVi was created in preparation for Malaysia’s transport and automotive sector to enter the era of autonomous systems.

NAVi is currently undergoing a testing phase at the Malaysian Technology Park, Bukit Jalil.

The 12km road route in Phases 1 to 3 of TPM is scheduled to be an approved route for AV under the framework of the TPM International Innovation Hub practical laboratory.

Meanwhile, the NAVi-D is designed specifically for the last mile delivery sector. NAVi-D is an evolution of NAVi which focuses on parcel delivery services and food products.

NAVi-D is an evolution of NAVi which focuses on the delivery of packaging and food products. The NAVi-D core technology is based on the enhanced NAVi software architecture for this specific use.

To support the development of AV solutions in the future, infrastructure such as road signs, signage, central command center, and 5G connectivity is currently under construction.

TPM will be the main site of the test facility for autonomous vehicle technology.

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