Kingoya And Irga Merger Aims To Accelerate Malaysia’s Future In 4IR Agritech

IRGA Sdn Bhd today established itself as a 4IR ready Agritech Company in Malaysia that focuses on machines and tools that harmoniously integrate smart physical software with traditional agrobiological knowledge.

IRGA last week acquired a leading local farming equipment manufacturer, Kingoya Enterprise Sdn. Bhd, with the objective of changing the landscape of the agricultural industry.

KINGOYA is currently one of the leading global oil palms harvesting equipment manufacturers. KINGOYA has in-house design and manufacturing capabilities for more than 100 agricultural products, producing the highest quality of durable tools for field activities and currently exports to more than 20 countries. 

IRGA aims to provide Malaysian and global estate owners, farmers, and agriculture landowners with an integrated precision farming solution to streamline the decision-making process during the different stages of crop production.

The Agritech enabler foresees opportunities in integrating software and accelerating greater digitalisation of the agricultural industry.

“The US$10 Trillion global agricultural industry has always played a vital role in the development of human civilisation. However, with the advent of climate change and worsening food insecurity, it is becoming increasingly vital for the sector to implement new, environmentally friendly strategies to address these issues. This is where Agritech and 4IR come in,” said Girish Ramachandran, Co-Founder of IRGA.AG.

KINGOYA could potentially tap on the growing global agriculture equipment market, which is projected to grow at 8.9% annually to reach US$ 245 Billion by 2025.

“We are confident that the acquisition of KINGOYA will now complete our 4IR strategy to converge digital software, with innovative hardware and biological analytics. Everyone is talking about 4IR; we are doing it for the manufacturing of our new products which are in the pipeline. IRGA is a 100% Malaysian story, providing solutions to food security issues and addressing ESG risks”, added Girish.

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