Delta Aerospace Aims To Produce Malaysian Made Seaplanes

Delta Aerospace together with NPO AeroVolga LLC and Aeronautique Design & Service Bureau both involved in seaplane manufacturing have signed an MOU to transfer intellectual property and technology required for the production of the light amphibious aircraft, LA-8 Seaplane, in Malaysia.

The MOU event took place during Selangor Aviation Show 2021 where Delta Chief Executive Officer Michael Edward Roche and Director of ADSB, Giorgy Alafinov agreed to pursue building LA-8 aircraft in Malaysia.

The company is looking to unlock the potential of amphibious seaplanes and bring the program forward by making Malaysia a regional powerhouse in these aircraft. These crafts will be able to open new markets within the aviation business, intensify tourism, escalate accessibility and mobility, as well as contribute to Malaysia’s social and economic growth and enable increased connectivity around the Region. When production beings, Delta will source and develop the necessary ecosystem and infrastructure, talent and expertise, technology, and raw materials locally and will expand into establishing a manufacturing ecosystem, aviation training including the pilot, MRO, and engineering, once production ramps up for export.

In comparison to a ‘land locked’ aircraft, the eight-seat LA-8 amphibious aircraft is ideal for any task needing freight or passenger payloads to be transported to a far wider range of places accessible by water and seaplanes. Meanwhile, the two-seat Borey amphibious aircraft is designed for lighter missions such as basic patrol and survey, as well as educational and training with the added benefit of amphibious operations. It will enable highly cost-effective tourist and leisure flights over land and water under visual flying rules. The Borey is an excellent tool for pilot training and comes into its own as a very economic, safe, and above all fun, recreation aircraft on both land and water.

Malaysian Aviation Commission expects the air cargo traffic in 2021 to grow by between 26.5% to 28.2% year on year and recover to pre-pandemic levels. The strong growth is attributable to the high demand for healthcare products, electrical and electronic components, and the growth of the e-commerce sector.

Delta believes the potential is immense and the venture will have an economic contribution to the country.

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