Henry Jacques Brings A Touch Of Modernity With Interchangeable Scents

French Haute Parfumerie, Henry Jacques reinterprets solid perfume in 50 alluring scents, telling a different story about your style and personality.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, the Maison breathes life into the ancient art of solid perfume with a new accessory: Clic-Clac.

The charming collection of perfumes is available in precious avant-garde materials such as titanium, carbon, and gold. Clic-Clac accommodates all 50 Les Classiques scents in the form of interchangeable solid perfume capsules so you can carry your fragrance of choice with you in style.

And it doesn’t just look good – it’s been specifically engineered to withstand daily handling. Henry Jacques turned to Swiss watchmaking techniques and spent several years to come up with the perfect mechanism that’s equal parts sturdy and satisfying to use.

“The creation of this object quickly transported us and overwhelmed us, surpassing all our expectations. Addictive for us, and fascinating for others, the Clic-Clac responds to the need of an era and a generation – a powerful response to something clearly lacking today,” says Anne-Lise Cremona, CEO of Henry Jacques.

The commercial introduction of Les Classiques is a refined curation of the Maison’s immense repertoire of olfactory work. The balm-like range of solid perfumes completes the Henry Jacques trilogy alongside the Maison’s legendary essences and mists.

The composition forms by combining wax with fragrant oil blends that harden, warming up to the touch of a fingertip to transfer to the skin. While reviving the gesture of applying solid perfume, Henry Jacques encountered two challenges. The first came in managing to maintain the integrity of the original fragrances from its 50 Les Classiques. The second was dreaming up an accessory that is a fascinating everyday object and the perfect lucky charm.

Clic-Clac is now available at the Henry Jacques boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


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