IJM LAND Uplifting 50 Families With Preschool Subsidy Programme

Leading property developer IJM Land Bhd initiated to help struggling families greatly impacted by the pandemic with immediate financial relief through their Covid-19 Contactless Education Aid Support: Preschool Subsidy Programme – enabling children from underprivileged communities in Seremban to receive at least the basic education that they deserve. 

In the recent announcement of Budget 2022, one of the key themes that the Finance Ministry aimed to focus on is the vulnerable communities who were largely affected by the pandemic, especially children in the B40 households whose education may be impacted by the digital divide. 

A flagship initiative under the IJM COVID-19 Community Investment programme and in line with IJM Land’s key pillar in their Community Investment Policy to support the education needs of deserving individuals, IJM Land is adamant in its mission to elevate the welfare of the people and play an active role in making sure that children in the underprivileged community are not at a disadvantage in their education. 

In the Preschool Subsidy Programme, children ages 4 to 6 from different underprivileged backgrounds, including OKU children and those from single-parent families in Seremban will have a fair opportunity at education as their privileged peers. 

Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land (Central Region) said that through this initiative, they hope to uplift the lives of these low-income families by providing immediate financial relief for a period of six months for their children’s pre-school expenses, at the same time letting these children know that they too deserve fair opportunities when it comes to their basic education. 

“Every child deserves the equal chance to receive a good education and learn the skills that will help them to thrive in the future. However, we know that there are families living in hardship and are struggling to overcome the challenges, especially in this current time. 

That is why we at IJM Land are working hard to support these families and ensure that their child living in Seremban, regardless of their background, is given the opportunity for basic education and be protected at all times,” said Dato’ Hoo. 

In partnership with Persatuan Guru Tadika Swasta Negeri Sembilan and Pertubuhan Tadika Swasta Negeri Sembilan (TUNTASN9) to identify the students, a total of RM45,000 financial support including miscellaneous expenses such as medical kids’ face masks will be contributed to 50 beneficiaries from 16 preschools in Seremban for a year in continuing to spread awareness and knowledge on staying safe during pandemic.

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