Cyberview: Leading The Way For The Future Of Healthcare

The development of recent events has required both public and private players to elevate and enhance their services to best serve the people. Industries saw the opportunity to integrate technology to offer a more effective and seamless service and this extended to the healthcare industries.

Players in the segment saw the need to not only cope with the increasing demand via an increase in services but the way these services are offered to customers. As health issues extended beyond physical bodily ailments, care had to be given to mental health as well.

Today, the healthcare market is filled with solutions that can be obtained through just one click on apps and wrist devices. One can measure blood pressure and heartbeat just by choosing the right feature on their watches and with the application of data, apps are able to offer more than just your sleep schedule.

The smart healthcare market is expected to grow 16 percent p.a over the next year as consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, demanding for improved wellness services. Incorporating smart healthcare as part of its milestone, Cyberview Sdn Bhd is making it a priority to offer a better quality of life for its residents in Cyberjaya.

Under the Cyberjaya Masterplan, the city is positioned as the preferred tech investment location with three tech clusters as a strategic pillar. One of these pillars has been dedicated as the healthcare pillar.

“The choice of smart healthcare as one of the key pillars, proved to be not just timely but a critical area that Malaysia in general needs to be aggressively focus on, as the pandemic and ensuing endemic pushes and forces innovation in healthcare,” says Managing Director, Najib Ibrahim.

He shares that the smart healthcare project is a project Cyberview will be embarking on with a target of execution in 2023 and in the new masterplan, the team has identified the components and has gone through great lengths to make sure that this is what the industry needs.

Now, they are looking for partners to work on the plan and to stay as close as possible to their goal.

Among the components of the integrated healthcare development are a private smart hospital, wellness center, R&D&C training facilities for end-users as well as other companies to utilise.

“We are currently embarking on selecting the right partner via request of proposals process and will select the best proposals to begin the smart healthcare journey. The initial development period is expected to take between 4-5 years, with partners expected to be on board by 2023,” he says.

What the Healthcare Hub offers

In building the healthcare hub, Cyberview believes that healthcare analytics can offer data driven insights for the population that includes predictive, prescriptive and descriptive analysis. Additionally, using tele-communication technologies to connect with physicians can enable customers to receive virtual diagnosis without having to enter the compound of a hospital or a clinic unless absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, through IoT technologies using sensors and data analytics, a smart hospital will be able to better manage their staff, asset, patients, and supply chain. This will give way to a more a efficient hospital that does not require manual checking in and with reduced paper work.

Najib also points out that the hub will also utilise medical robots, enabling process automation in hospital and better precision in diagnoses surgery. The medical robots that will be included are surgical robots and rehabilitative robots.

“The healthcare hub’s individual ecosystems will create a larger unified environment, with the vision to become the leading, livable Healthcare Hub that catalyses development of new innovations, drives for better efficiency, affordability and inclusivity and positions homegrown innovators at the forefront of the global healthcare community,” Najib shares with Business Today. 

The execution of the masterplan is expected to generate 87,000 jobs, have 1,200 companies located in Cyberjaya with a total contribution to the GDP of RM250bil by 2045.

Becoming The Leading Facilitator

“The healthcare development hub is not merely about infrastructure and facilities, but the more important at its centre is Cyberjaya’s current ecosystem. Among the examples of these are, the National Regulatory Sandbox led by Futurise, and Cyberjaya’s Living Lab programmes,” he says.

According to Cyberview, the healthcare hub is designed to enable the creation of demand and infrastructure in a single location to encourage collaboration towards a higher growth trajectory in the healthcare industry. 

Rapid growth within the industry, he says can only be possible when ecosystem components are connected, and industry players are able to extract the fullest value of an ecosystem.

“For this to happen, Cyberview plays the role of facilitating and bringing people and companies together into a common space (the healthcare hub) for further growth.

“Through the masterplan, we are moving from providing just the soft infra to creating hard infra via a physical space for industries and players across the value chain to network and collaborate actively,” Najib concludes.

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