Zstore Promises New-age Purchasing Habits And Trends

ZCITY, the premiere local digital rewards provider that focuses on maximizing customer savings through e-vouchers and rewards has launched two new in-app features- Zstore and Zmembers- to take Malaysia’s shopping game to the next level.

Over the past 2 years, consumer behaviour has largely shifted to the online space to complement life in the pandemic. As a result, retailers big and small responded to the change in trends by transitioning to e-commerce and e-payment solutions in an effort to stay relevant.

With that in mind,  Zstore, a community-driven feature was created for a guilt-free shopping experience. Through the newly launched application, customers can choose from a never-ending list of fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverages, service vouchers, health products, from brands like The Alley, Morganfield, and Hui Lau Shan. More than that, Zstore prices its products competitively according to a minimum order quantity (MoQ). With this, the platform is able to further elevate the shopping experience by gradually reducing the price of a product to its lowest targeted rate, as the number of buyers increases. 

Powered by artificial intelligence and big data to better understand customer trends and buying patterns, ZCITY ensures that redundancy in the Zstore application is kept at a minimum and that their product suggestions and recommendations meet the requirements of the end-user. Furthermore, the data and information garnered from the AI and big data implementation will allow ZCITY to deploy more effective marketing strategies and campaigns in the future.

“We want to create an environment where buyers can rest assured that their products are affordable and inexpensive. In today’s day and age, customers are always looking for brand new ways to shop and discover new products online, we want to provide a platform that could achieve just that. Additionally, we want to create a sense of community even when making purchases remotely, allowing customers to enjoy products at competitive prices whilst showing collective support for products they genuinely believe in,” stated ZCITY CEO and Founder, Sam Teo. 

To further provide an unforgettable shopping experience, ZCITY’s new membership programme, Zmember, aims to empower shoppers with even more attractive rewards when making purchases online. With 2 tiers of memberships made available – Zmember and 1 Star Zmember, members can enjoy a variety of benefits such as scan and pay vouchers, bill payment vouchers, up to 50% discounts, and RM100 worth of instant Reward Points.

Through an affiliate program with Lazada and Shopee, ZCITY users can easily earn reward points just by accessing either platform through the app. Once their transaction is verified, reward points will then be added to their accounts. The points can then be used to redeem e-vouchers and deduct discounts through successful and verified transactions on either e-commerce platform for maximized savings.

“Over the past year, we’ve noticed that customers are no longer only looking for the best deals when they shop online. Now, there is an added emphasis on sustained loyalty, benefits, and rewards. That was the main driving force behind the formation of the Zmembers program. In addition to our current offerings, we aim to up the ante and elevate our customers’ shopping experience,”added Sam Teo

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