SM4RT TANI Forms Multiple Partnerships To Launch UrusTani

Homegrown agritech provider, SAT.Asia through its agritech brand SM4RT TANI, announces its recent partnership with SMaju Agro Ventures, Top Fruits, Koperasi Sahabat, YTL Communications, the Malaysian Pineapple Planters Association, and Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP).

To commemorate these partnerships, the brand signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with each organization in an effort to optimize its newly launched Digital Farm Management System (DFMS), UrusTani. This move will allow SM4RT TANI to cater to a wider variety of crop types and produce through different modules and configurations.

With the support of its agricultural partners, all of which are subject experts in their respective fields, SM4RT TANI has deployed the UrusTani system within select farms run by these organizations to monitor the quality and growth of their crops. Through the invaluable feedback and insights from these expert partners, SM4RT TANI will be able to make data-driven improvements to the UrusTani system, introducing more innovative solutions and adopting a more holistic approach towards specific crops and produce such as durians, pineapples, melons, and more.

“Working hand-in-hand with farmers across the country has proven to be the most effective method of increasing our industry knowledge and expertise. We rely on farmers and plantation owners to share their many years of experience as collaborating with them and having them share their insights contributes highly to faster, more efficient research and development efforts. This will serve as the catalyst for further improvements and advancements so that we can support even more farmers in the future,” said Afif Badhrulhisham, Head of Business Development of Singularity Aerotech (SAT.Asia), SM4RT TANI’s parent company.

While SM4RT TANI has generic configurations for any type of crop, manual feedback and suggestions from farmers and plantation owners on resource, manpower, and time are still required to make improvements. This allows SM4RT TANI to create unique modules for specific products, which will ultimately lead to increased efficiency and yield.

Farm owners will have access to two digital platforms- a browser-based application and a mobile application- that work hand-in-hand to capture all relevant farm operational data. The former is mainly used to set up initial reference data and most of the administrative functions while the mobile application is used primarily to capture on-site farming activities while on-site. 

“With UrusTani, I am able to digitise almost all aspects of my crayfish farm management, from tasking, recording, up to reporting. The program is also much more convenient compared to taking notes using pen and paper. It is also easier for me to monitor farm operations remotely,” commented Suhaidy Shuib, owner of a crayfish farm. 

Digging Deeper To Maximize Technological Capabilities

As a Malaysian technology and engineering company, SAT.Asia aspires to collaborate with the local ecosystem players with the aim of accelerating the adoption of new technology in Malaysia. On top of receiving feedback and insights from experienced farmers, SAT.Asia will also be working with researchers from UMP for research and development (R&D) efforts. The partnership with UMP is geared towards further expanding the capabilities of SM4RT TANI’s sensors while increasing the reliability of their line of offerings and products.

“We are excited to collaborate with UMP primarily on Research & Development of new Industry 4.0-related technologies such as IoT, data analytics, blockchain & AI. We are also working together to provide industrial support for UMP’s students’ development, such as internships, training and other activities that can prepare them with the necessary skills & capabilities. May this MoU becomes a stepping stone towards the advancement of Malaysia’s technological adoption,” stated Hafeiz Hassan, Founder of SM4RT TANI and CEO of SAT.Asia. 

Founded in 2020, SM4RT TANI combines traditional farming with state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based solutions to provide Malaysian farmers with robust digital tools that aim to revolutionize the agriculture industry. Furthermore, SM4RT TANI is also looking into infusing new technology such as data analytics and blockchain into the UrusTani platform to further expand its portfolio of offerings. 

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