Maxis Offers Free Online Classes With eKelas

With the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the challenges faced by the country was immense, many were left confined in their homes with only their mobile devices as a tool to connect with the outside world. Students were entirely dependant on their devices in their efforts to continue learning. It became apparent the importance of the internet and electronic devices when it came to education.

Recognising the get more educational content online, Maxis introduced a community service program to give students a broad range of classroom subjects on its eKelas application. The app which is free will be available for download on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The program is for students in Year 4 to Form 5 who if are in a rural setting can now use the application to catch with the rest of the community with their classroom topics. Contents on the platform is designed for after class, let’s say they are similar to etuition, just that eKlass is free!

“Partnerships between the Government and industries are key to the efforts of achieving the nation’s digital aspirations. Maxis has launched its eKelas app to help students in adapting to the new normal, besides supporting teaching and learning activities outside of the classroom,” said Tan Sri Annuar Musa from the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia.

As a mobile version of the eKelas portal, the eKelas mobile app offers more than 3,000 curated bite-sized educational content focusing on three core subjects – Mathematics, English and Science. This includes revision and learning videos, exam notes, reading materials and live tutorial sessions guided by experienced teachers and the app community manager, Abang Portal. Students can also take part in the competitions HIP StoryFest and Misi Jelajah Digital to help develop coding, critical thinking, and storytelling skills. The app also allows teachers to stay connected with their classroom and students, as well as the option to share learning content with other teachers. Parents can also use the app to observe and stay up to date with their child’s eKelas activities commented Gokhan Ogut, CEO of Maxis.

Maxis eKelas is available to students, parents and teachers, who can simply register for the programme for free via Maxis website.

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