Rice Yield On The Decline In Sabak Bernam

A concering trend is occuring in Selangor's rice bowl district, according to authorities of the state the yield of rice has been declining to an alarming situation of late, affecting over 3000 farmers. 

The phenomena is unclear, as state Assemblyman Ahmad Mustain Othman saying the real cause needed to be identified as the problem was still recurring even though the agriculture agency had acted to change the seeds and fertilizer.

According to him, the problem of declining paddy yield has reached up to 100 kilograms per season which is detrimental to farmers because they have to pay costs such as machinery rental.

“I have raised this matter for a long time and with the help of the State Government, now we have to find the real cause by doing an indepth study so that a long -term solution can be developed. He added that the problem has now reached the Sekinchan area which means its spreading.

Recently, Sekinchan State Assemblyman Ng Suee Lim also raised the issue and had asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry to provide assistance of RM2,000 to farmers affected in the area.

She said more than 10,000 farmers in Sekinchan, Sabak and Permatang suffered losses due to the harvest declining by almost 50 percent, from 10 tonnes to five tonnes per season.

In order to support the farmers, Dato 'Menteri Besar informed that the State Government had allocated RM2.79 million to help more than 10,000 farmers in the state increase their crop yields.

The assistance included expenditure to increase paddy yield, supply of pest control materials, seeds, pest management and paddy production.

If left unresolved, Selangor residents could be facing shortage in the staple with the another crisis to tackle just after the pandemicn.  

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