From Startup To Leader: Wilstech

CEO and Co-Founder of Wilstech Wilson Low said becoming the award-winning company that it is today was not easy with all the tough challenges to elevating the company including the search for funding, especially for a startup like his.

“Funding was an issue for a brand new start-up like us, especially when we first started. We struggled for quite a while before we became financially stable. 

“Our hiring options were also quite limited, we were not able to hire a lot of in-house workers in the early days due to a lack of resources at the time. To circumvent this, we would mainly hire friendly parties or contract workers,” he says.

How It Started

According to Wilson, the establishment of Wilstech was impromptu, as the idea occurred after a friend asked for help in supplying IT equipment to Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) in 2016.

“We didn’t start Wilstech intentionally. Initially, (the idea) came across a friend who asked us to support her by supplying workstations, laptops, and desktops to SKM back in 2016. 

“Towards the end of 2017, we started providing software solutions to our clients. In 2018, we formed Wilstech Sdn Bhd. Since the beginning, we’ve been encouraging SMEs and business owners to embrace technology and integrate tech-centric solutions, and venture into this new domain with the correct mindset and mentality,” he says.

Prior to starting an IT company, his scope of work was a centre in business development and operation, which had connections across Southeast Asia.

“Before starting Wilstech, I was mainly in business development and operations. I’ve dealt with multiple partners all across Southeast Asia, managed deals, as well as daily operations of both main and sub-offices. That was where I learned and built most of my skills,” he says.


Looking forward to 2022, Wilson suggests new solutions for business owners to help accelerate their company growth by reducing office operations at the managerial level.

“Human resources management systems (HRMS), customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are hot topics in the industry since the pandemic hit.

“Those are basic solutions that business owners can and should integrate into their companies since they will greatly reduce manual workflow/operations within the organisation,” he says.

In the current environment, we cannot ignore the importance of digitalisation in our daily lives, especially as the country reopens and recovers. 

Wilstech took advantage of the opportunity to focus its business on assisting SMEs in beginning their digital transformation journey.

“We intend to continue our focus on helping SMEs digitize with the help of the Digital Matching Grant by Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC) whereby we provide up to RM 5,000 for companies to start their digitalisation journey,” he says.

Budget 2022

On Budget 2022 he says, “The government will continue to support digitisation efforts, particularly for Bumiputera groups, which is particularly beneficial given the Bumiputera community’s low digital adoption rate compared to other groups.

“Manufacturing and service companies will still be eligible for the matching grant. This is a positive step toward encouraging SMEs and startups to begin their digital transformation journeys.

“Another key area in which the government has expressed interest in e-commerce, which is good news given the e-commerce industry’s explosive growth over the last year.

“Finally, as we move closer to the 5G era, infrastructure allocation in schools, industrial areas, and especially rural areas is the way to go.

Company’s Expansion

Wilstech has established itself as a market leader in digital transformation, and Wilson discusses some of the company’s expansion plans, in particular, data and artificial intelligence (AI).

“We do have some plans in the pipeline, as of now, we are looking into big data and artificial intelligence (AI) for plans. 

“We have already formed a new team to be involved in the research and development (R&D) of big data and AI solutions and will be introducing our new offerings to customers starting in 2022. 

“We are also looking to expand our footprint across the SEA region,” he concludes.

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