China’s Delivery Industry Is Worth US183 Billion

Alibaba delivery robots, they dont smoke says the company.

China has one of the most robust couriers or delivery service industries in the world, with the likes of e-commerce being a preferred choice of shopping in the nations, company’s like Alibaba and JD have transformed delivery unlike any other.

Same day delivery is no longer fictional no matter where you are or how remote your address is, the use of every conceivable mode of transportation including drones makes the possibility of getting the parcel to the doorstep even during a thunderstorm.

Perhaps that’s why the Chinese are very confident in their postal system, where 1.3 billion rely on for services like daily essentials to groceries and even big ticket purchases like buying a car or a house.

According to data released by the Central Government, China’s postal industry saw robust growth in business revenue in the first 11 months of this year. Given the ongoing pandemic curfews, many citizens have opted to be cautious in their outing preferring alternative modes for shopping.

The sector has thus far raked in about US182.69 billion during the period, up 17.1 percent year on year, in November alone, the sector’s total business revenue rose 11.5 percent. An industry literally going places!

Data showed that the Chinese courier companies handled 98.05 billion parcels from January to November, surging 32.3 percent from a year earlier. Their combined business revenue resulted in a yearly increase of 19.6 percent.

The delivery industry spurred by consumer behaviour and change in lifestyle is driving all sorts of innovation in the sector, the use of AI, blockchain, and big data would mean that things are just going to get better. Not to mention the spillover effect into the whole logistics ecosystem, which will elevate other industries along the way like warehousing, transportation, and shipping.

Perhaps there is some learning here for Malaysia’s nascent delivery industry which is just starting to grow.

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