Johor MB Office Appoints Hong Seng To Provide Covid-19 Screening At VTL Gateways

As the openings between Malaysian and Singapore is now underway with both Vaccinated Travel Lanes for air and land, the expected number of travelers using the facility will definitely increase. However, this would also mean the health safety measure to be more robust as new variants of the Covid-19 is ever prevalent.

In ensuring public health is continuously upheld the Johor State government will be insisting on top-level screening is done at these gateways, accordingly, the Menteri Besar office has appointed Neogenix a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Seng Consolidated to provide medical screening of Covid-19 tests for on-arrival testing for “Vaccinated Travel Lane” at all domestics international gateways and towards the reopening of the border to daily travelers.

Hong Seng will be managing the process for a duration of 2 years of which it will have the option to renew, currently, the VTL lanes between Singapore are only for vaccinated individuals from both countries and will be required to undergo RTK or PCR test 2 days prior before arriving.

Since the detection of Omicron, they could be new guidelines imposed on further on arrival testing before travelers are permitted into society.

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