VS Industry Forms Action Plan With Activist On Migrant Worker Welfare

With regards to the issue pertaining to migrant worker welfare, leading electronics manufacturing V.S. Industry Berhad’s has been actively in dialogue with migrant worker rights activist, Mr. Andy Hall in addressing the matter. Both have now moved forward with a firm action plan and timeline in mitigating the challenges.

During the session, several gaps were identified for improvement with VS committed to urgently address them and protect the welfare of the migrant workers concerned. All migrant workers hired will now be under a program developed to safeguard their welfare whereby the immediate action for now will be that all employment and immigration status will be urgently converted under the Group’s direct employment. In addition, the manufacturer will also arrange to immediately house these workers in hostels that comply with the Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act, 1990.

Separately, the group is commits to uphold its zero recruitment fee policy where all fees and costs relating to the recruitment of migrant workers are borne entirely by the company. It will step up efforts to verify if there had been any instances of workers under the Programme having to pay recruitment fees or related costs to an external party. If such instances exist, it will take immediate remedial action to reimburse the workers and this investigation and emediation work by an independent social compliance audit.

Managing Director Datuk S.Y. Gan commented “Following a series of discussions with Andy Hall, we can today outline a mutually agreed action plan and timeline. We have immediately started working on implementing this action plan and endeavour to iron out these issues over the next few months.”

Andy Hall was pleased with the discussion adding that he appreciates the sincerity and seriousness demonstrated by the management to resolve any issues arising pertaining to migrant workers’ rights and wellbeing at the company.

The activist who has been highlighting the plight of migrant workers in Malaysia said that it was not his objective to undermine or hinder development or progress aimed for by leading EMS corporates, such as VS. He just hopes that the efforts increased awareness on issues faced by migrant workers.

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